PPTP port or point to point tunneling protocol port in located on number 1723. The PPTP protocol is used for creating virtual private networks ( VPN ). The main feature of this protocol is that it uses a control channel and tunnel operating over TCP and GRE ( generic routing encapsulation )  to send PPP packets. This protocol was the first one supported by Microsoft Dial up networks for VPN.


Common problems when using PPTP port :

1.      Why do I receive vnp error 721 when I try to open a PPTP  connection?

The main problem with this error is that many users try to open a gre port witch located un TCP / UDP port number 47 without removing pptp port firewall. Another problem that could appear is that some rooters do not have the GRE protocol and you will have to search other functions like pptp port forwarding or PPTP / VNP pass-through.

2.      How to configure PPTP and L2TP port for setting a VPN server?

If you want to configure ports and protocols needed to open CISCO PIX 515E firewall for a vpn server all you have to do is:

a.       For PPTP ports : open tcp port 1723 (tunnel maintenance traffic) and tcp/udp port 47 for removing router firewall ;

b.      For L2TP ports : open port 500 ( internet key exchange – IKE ), open port 4500 ( network address translation – NAT-T ) , open port 1701 ( for traffic ) and port 50 ( IPSec port )

All this ports are known as vpn ports and you have to open them if you use a direct internet connection or a firewall connection (on firewall connections you could leave the 1701 port disable).

3.      PPTP port number is the same with Microsoft pptp port?

The answer is yes, both are referring to the same protocol which is located on port 1723.

4.      How to do a pptp port test?

There are many free solution out there; if you want to download a application you can use portqryui.exe who you can download from Microsoft site or try an online solution mynetworktest dot com.

5.      I receive VPN error 800 how do I solve it?

There are a few thing that can cause this error: verify the VPN server name to be the same like the one provided by the administrator, unlock firewall – port 47 , unlock pptp port 1723, ping the server to check that he is working properly, check to see if there are too many pptp clients on the server.

The thing that you have to keep in mind is that pptp port number is 1723, same for mac pptp port , the protocol uses tunnel operating and control channel, it is used in virtual private networks ( VPN ).