PS2 Port

     The PS2 port is used for connecting keyboards and mice to a PC. This standard was introduced in 1987 by IBM with main purpose of replacing the serial keyboard and mouse.

PS2 Port

In our days ps/2 port was replaced by usb port, which is more easy to implement on a PC even though ps2 offers NKRO capability and a greater speed.

When this standard was released the keyboard and mouse port had the same color, black like the connector or white like the connecting cable. Modern ps2 ports are colored different event thought the pinout configuration is the same.

PS2 connector color code

Purple – Keyboard

Green – Mouse

 Ps2 Mini-DIN connector has 6 pins and carries a serial signal at frequencies starting from 10 up to 16 kHz with one start bit, one stop bit and one parity bit.

PS2 Pinout:

PS2 Pinout

Pin1 – Data

Pin2 – Not connected

Pin3 – Ground

Pin4 – VDC +5V at 275 mA

Pin5 – Clock

Pin6 – Not connected

Frequently asked questions:

1.      PS2 port stopped working, what to do?

In most cases the keyboard or mouse connection cable brakes down long before the port does. To check the functionality of the ps2 port measure the voltage between pin3 and pin4 and if you don’t get 5 volt then the port has a problem and in this case you have three solutions: buy a ps2 port card and connected to your mother board, buy a usb ps2 port adapter or simply and easiest way buy a usb keyboard or mouse.

2.      What are the advantages of the ps2 port in comparison with usb port?

Greater speed and greater switching capability (for those who strike 6 or more keys) and NKRO capability