VGA Port

  The vga port is used for connecting a computer to a monitor. It was introduced in 1987 by IBM and was the replacement of MDA, CGA and EGA standards. To understand the need for the VGA video card you need to know what the previous standards could offer:

          The MDA standard or Monochrome Display Adapter supported only monochromatic text and a resolution of 720/350 pixels and it was manly used for non-graphic applications;

          CGA standard or Color Graphics Adapter who can support color text with a resolution of 320/200 pixels;

          EGA standard or Enhanced Graphics Adapter who support 640/350 graphics modes of 16 colors.

With the development of new and powerful processing units came the need of a new video standard and this is how the vga port was born. This new standard broth with it vga monitors compatible with 640×480 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio.

The VGA connector has 15 pins displayed on three rows and for connecting a monitor to a computer you need a vga cable.

VGA port pinout description:

VGA Pinout

Pin 1 – Red

Pin2 – Green

Pin3 – Blue

Pin4 – No Connect

Pin5 – Ground

Pin6 – Ground

Pin7 – Ground

Pin8 – Ground

Pin9 – No Connect

Pin10 – Ground

Pin11 – No Connect

Pin12 – DDC DAT

Pin13 – Horizontal Synchronization

Pin14 – Vertical Synchronization

Pin15 – DDC Clock

With all its advantages the vga port remains an analogic hardware and with invention of LCD, Plasma and Led monitors came the need for an digital video port so starting from 2000 new technologies where implemented; technologies like DVI port or the latest HDMI port.

Most computers still have the vga port alongside with the dvi port, but if your pc is missing one then you can use a vga adapter. You can even fined vga to rca adapter used for connecting the vga port to tv.

One type of computers that had replaced the vga port with only DVI is the Apple computers. On this the mini VGA port has been replace with mini DVI port, and starting from 2008 the mini dvi port had been replaced with Mini Display Port who can support a resolutiom of 25600×1600 pixels.